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Dark Sonic vs Shadow

2016-11-12 22:35:25 by Animetion97

The title speaks for itself!

Ronalds Bad Day preview

2016-10-21 00:57:38 by Animetion97

A sneek preview of "Ronalds Bad Day" feautring me! (;

After effects with Flash

2016-10-20 14:37:21 by Animetion97

Going to combine flash animation with After effects! Already making "Ronalds Bad Day" 

What I have a so far! Stay tune! This is a movie project! I'm aiming for at least long as 30 mins or higher!

Super Mario Bros vs Black Goku Scene1

2016-10-07 14:42:14 by Animetion97

Watch the 1st scene of the project Super Mario Bros vs Black Goku

Check ir out! Took me... 3 days... Again. But it would had been 2 if only for not work, But yeah gonna be a series inspired by the show "Sonic of the Dead".

Tracer vs Issac Clarke

2016-09-07 23:10:44 by Animetion97

With power of Flash and After Effects. I made this beautiful scene.Which took me 3 days btw. Still in process

Goku vs superman New52

2016-08-25 02:00:39 by Animetion97

A test but I say it looks pretty sick!

Kurai Ai Scene1

2016-08-11 04:13:04 by Animetion97

Check it out peeps!