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I've realize I can do more better with animation and I have alot more to learn. I've decided to quit being lazy and actually put effort into my animations. I have the potentinal but I lack the motivation. I've gotten a new animation program which is the one I really wanted for my aniamtion. So all lazyniess is gone.( Not all of it but the most). Check out my first test animation of spongebob walking in the city.

So I've finally begin my production in the movie! I'll post the first few mins of the scene once it's complete. Please share your ideas once it's uploaded

A test of the movie Ed Edd Eddy Z - Reincarnation of Ed

Red Mist previews

2016-04-20 14:23:26 by Animetion97

Watch the previews of my new animation of the famous creepypasta "Red Mist" (AKA: Squidward's Suicide)

Sex, Drugs, No feelings

2016-03-14 03:22:03 by Animetion97

Starting actual animation

This time with Dbz and KoF


2016-02-28 01:22:09 by Animetion97

It needs to be legal


Here's the link to the video. I think you guys are gonna like it once it's done! (;



I love Mcdonalds

2016-02-17 23:02:34 by Animetion97

Making a ronald mc donald animation


2016-02-15 01:20:40 by Animetion97

A 3  episode series. I say three because there's no point of making a longass series knowing I'll get bored lazy from. So instead, If I ever do series. They will be no longer than 5 episodes unless the fans demand it.